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Behind Our Studio Doors

Hey, I'm Joel, the mind and ears behind PWS Studios

Looking for a studio that’s comfortable, convenient, and full of the great equipment that isn't going to cost you thousands of dollars? Then look no further than PWS Studios. We’re your one-stop-shop for all the recording, mixing, and mastering services you require. Clients have access to our studio facilities and a selection of the finest recording gear which includes the latest mixing software, computers, microphones, and more. Whatever your musical style may be, our professional Recording Studio will help make your sound come to life.

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Our Mission

PWS Studios is a well-renowned Recording Studio in the suburbs of Buffalo, NY. We’re driven by a firm belief that the recording studio environment has the power to inspire musicians and bring out the best in their musical quality. Our professional sound engineering can help our clients achieve and exceed their recording potential. No matter what your style or genre, we can help you create and capture the sounds you’ve always dreamed of.

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Behind Our Studio Doors

I've been drawn to the world of music for over two decades. I started out with playing guitar, and later expanded my knowledge to other instruments and vocal work. As my journey with music has gone on, I've had several projects with different bands, and continue to actively pursue music based projects.

It was during my early years that I discovered how much of a passion I have for recording and making music sound its best. With over 15 years of experience, I decided to pursue my dreams and open my own studio. Being able to make other's music come to life, and make it sound impeccable is the driving force behind my work.

I continuously strive to expand my knowledge and expertise in the field so I can provide the highest quality service to each one of my artists. Not only do I pride himself on capturing each artists vision, but I strives to provide that perfect and unique sound for each project as well.

About: About the Studio
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